Melodica: Ibiza

Chris Coco’s award winning weekly radio broadcast. An eclectic selection of brilliant new music starting with house and moving on to electronica, downtempo, acoustic and all sorts of other styles loosely connected to dance and electronic music. Let tastemaker Chris Coco guide you through his selection of the week’s best new music.

This Episode… After a few weeks of asking the experts the timeless question – what is Balearic? Here is the latest version of my take on the genre that isn’t a genre. Melodica in Ibiza…

The Hut 63

Welcome to the Hut; a weekly velvety soft sonic celebration brought to you by Arctic Circle Radio. The Hut is a refuge, a cocoon of the finest in new music, spinning a warm glow from the outer-reaches of the snowy wastelands. Presented and produced by Ben Eshmade (with additional sounds and magic from Sone Institute), the Hut is a one-hour transmission from an intensely beautiful musical world.

Edition 63 with music from Jacob Cooper, Mogwai, My Autumn Empire, Chantal Acda, Mark E, Rafter, Ratking and Euro Child.

Presented & Produced by Ben Eshmade for Arctic Circle Radio

with additional music & sonic trickery by Sone Institute

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